Science des données avec R

Cours signalées avec « DAT172 »

The goal of this course is to prepare students to perform scientific data analysis. Successful students will learn how to use statistical inference tools to gain insight into large and small data sets, as well as be exposed to cutting-edge techniques and best practises to store, manage and analyze (large) data. This course can be taken as Seminars in Translational Research (MSC1010Y-1011Y) for students in the Institute of Medical Science. This course can also be taken by PhD students for graduate credits from the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the UofT. Interested students from the EEB department should contact Prof. Helen Rodd in advance. The course can also be taken as a mini/modular graduate course by Physics students.
Date de début: : 11 oct. 2016
Date de fin: : 17 nov. 2016
Learn the basic of data research with R, in 4 weeks with 2 lectures per week (mini/modular course).
Enseignant: SciNet Team
Catégorie: Data Science
Date de début: : 6 oct. 2015
Date de fin: : 29 oct. 2015