This course will provide an introduction to the theory, formalisms and algorithms of quantum computing.  The programming language will be Python; experience with Python will be assumed.  Experience with quantum mechanics is not necessary; an introductory-level understanding of linear algebra will be assumed.  The PennyLane quantum-computing programming framework (installation instructions here), provided by Xanadu, will be used.  No experience with quantum computing will be expected.  Classes will be held, July 25, 27, 29, 12:30-3:30pm, in the SciNet Teaching room. Update: due to technical problems with the SciNet Teaching room, this class will be moved to the SciNet Boardroom.

Date de début: : 25 juil. 2022
Date de fin: : 29 juil. 2022
Nombre de crédits - calcul scientifique: 9