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This course is aimed at reducing your struggle in getting started with computational projects, and make you a more efficient computational scientist. Topics include well-established best practices for developing software as it applies to scientific computations, common numerical techniques and packages, and aspects of high performance computing. While we will introduce the C++ language, in one language or another, students should already have some programming experience. Despite the title, this course is suitable for many physical scientists (chemists, astronomers, ...).

This is a graduate course that can be taken for graduate credit by UofT PhD and MSc students. Students that wish to do so, should enrol using ACORN/ROSI.

Enseignant: Ramses van Zon
Date de début: : 11 janv. 2022
Date de fin: : 1 mai 2022
Nombre de crédits - calcul scientifique: 28
Nombre de crédits - calcul haute performance: 8