There are many different ways.  Important for this course is that you have installed the correct version of Python.  Anything after version 3.7 should be enough.  Any version starting with 2 will be to old. Some operating systems still come with such old versions, so it's worth checking.

For your own laptop or workstation, possibly the easiest way to install Python is to use Anaconda, as that is available on Linux, WIndows and MacOS.  

Note that Anaconda is more than just Python, it has mechanisms to install more than just Python and its packages.  Precisely for that reason, Anaconda is generally not recommended for shared resources such as the supercomputers that SciNet, but there are other ways to use Python and its packages on those system.  We will not use those extra features, we are just advocate it for your own system because of the easy of installation.

Last modified: Tuesday, 3 October 2023, 10:01 AM