Learn how to protect your research using cybersecurity techniques. During the three days of this workshop, we will cover various aspects of cybersecurity to help you protect your research! Cybersecurity concepts, cyberattack models, as well as best practices to protect your research will be reviewed. We will talk about cryptography and you will get to apply the concepts to a real life scenario using SSH keys. Finally, we will discuss cybersecurity in the context of human research data and the Research Ethics Board.  The workshop will be a mix of theory and practical exercises. We hope you will learn something new and, more importantly, enjoy the sessions!

Sessions will be delivered in English, but we will have the ability to respond to questions in French. The lesson material will be available in English. A French version of this workshop will take place at a later date.

This workshop is part of the National Training series of the Compute Canada Federation.  Registration is handled at


Start date: 29 Nov 2021
End date: 3 Dec 2021
Scientific Computing Credits: 4